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Welcome to YOGAJACK.


The BLACKJACK Mat from YOGAJACK | A Sneak Preview

November 07, 2014

Here's a sneak preview ... starting first with our most requested new item.  Way more than just a color change from our luxurious ONE yoga mat, the BLACKJACK yoga mat is a mat like never before.

Get ready to make it yours this winter!

Find Your Style: Yoga Styles & Types

November 04, 2014

So many types of yoga styles - and oh so many questions! Bikram and hot yoga are the same, right? Is power yoga more intense than vinyasa? Which one is the right one for you? Which one is right for me?! Oh, so many questions!

Well fear not - YogaJack's compiled a basic list of 8 yoga styles - with a down (dog) and dirty summary for each, so you can figure out which one sounds like your perfect fit ...

Yoga for Athletes? For Pro Sports, It’s What the Doctor Ordered

November 04, 2014

It’s time to roll out the yoga mat for the NBA’s Derrick Rose (we hope it’s a YogaJack ONE yoga mat, of course).  In his 6th year, the Chicago Bulls guard is fighting to return to action after a second major injury, and Rose is using yoga as a major part of his rehab training.  Moving past old misconceptions, major professional athletes now incorporate yoga into both their regular training and injury rehabilitation programs.

Yoga’s tremendous effect on building and strengthening vital core muscles is widely known.  Yoga’s focus on balance, form, and flexibility, delivers cross-training benefits to a wide range of major professional sports.  But so do other “core focused” exercise training programs.  From CrossFit, P90x, and TRX training, there are many dynamic core workout plans to follow.  So with all of those options, why yoga? 



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